Why No One Talks With Strangers Anymore

And what technology has to do with it.

Susan Poole


Photo by Alireza Hosseini Moghadam on Unsplash

“Stranger danger!”

We’ve all heard the term.

But I’m not talking about the warning we learned as kids, cautioning us to stay away from people we didn’t know.

I’m referring to how technology has impacted our interpersonal relationships, especially with random folks we cross paths with while navigating life.

Take walking down the street, for instance. It’s common to see people engrossed in their smartphones and tablets, oblivious to the world around them. This excessive reliance on digital devices hinders our face-to-face communication. Personally, I miss those opportunities to interact with others I wouldn’t ordinarily meet, even if it’s as simple as trading smiles, commenting about the weather, or asking for directions.

Digital Immersion: Friend or foe?

I traveled last weekend and spent a lot of time in airports.

I’ve always hated air travel. Flight delays, cramped accommodations, and a general fear of flying are among the things I dread while waiting on a plane. To make the most of an otherwise dull and uncomfortable situation, I typically look forward to talking with other travelers.



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